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Co-ord sets have become a trendy and comfortable fashion statement for women. From casual outings to red carpet events, Bollywood actresses have been wearing co-ord sets with great style, setting fashion goals for all of us. 

If you're looking for some inspiration to rock the co-ord trend this summer, look no further than these stunning Bollywood actresses. 

Whether it's Sonam Kapoor's elegant ensembles or Katrina Kaif’s chic co-ords, these leading ladies know how to elevate the best co-ord set for women with their impeccable fashion sense.

Best Co-Ord Set for Women: Let These Bollywood Celebs Show You How To Ace Co-Ord Sets This Summer

Bollywood actresses are rocking co-ord sets with flair. If you want to nail the co-ord trend this season, take cues from these stylish divas and elevate your summer wardrobe with the perfect co-ord set for women.

Bollywood Divas Set A New Trend At The Airport With Chic Co-Ords

Sonam Kapoor: The Queen of Elegance

Sonam Kapoor, known for her impeccable style, effortlessly pulled this off co-ord set with grace and sophistication.

Dressed in a bold summer Indo-Western co-ord set, she exudes boldness with the vibrant floral print or a bold pattern. 


Her quirky yet beautifully artistic floral earrings add a touch of artsy class and deliver a message of making your presence not just felt, but also seen.  Taking inspiration from her, you can opt for vibrant hues and tailored silhouettes to elevate your co-ord game.

Kiara Advani: The Epitome of Chic

Next up is Kiara Advani, absolutely sizzling in her choice of co-ord sets, exuding charm and elegance effortlessly. 


Dressed in her tie-dye teal green co-ord set featuring a stylishly cut V-cut top and retro style flared pants,, Kiara boldly experiments with various styles and fabrics, solidifying the fact that co-ords are both versatile and incredibly stylish. 

To channel her minimalist yet chic vibe, consider opting for sleek designs and neutral tones to achieve a sophisticated look.

Rakul Preet Singh: The Trendsetter

Rakul Preet Singh isn't afraid to try new things in fashion, and her co-ord sets reflect just that. 


She loves mixing bold prints, vibrant and sober colours, as well as unique shapes to create outfits that turn heads wherever she goes.

For instance, let’s consider the soft pink outfit she’s wearing, which is sober yet has a hint of playfulness in it. So if you're looking for some stylish inspiration, take a hint from Rakul and don't be afraid to play around with different patterns and textures to stand out.

Katrina Kaif: The Glamour Diva

Katrina Kaif knows how to turn heads on the red carpet, and her choice of co-ord sets is no exception. 



For example, consider her decision to pair a faded blue denim jacket with her co-ord sets lends an earthy yet sophisticated air.

This is why we can say that Katrina elevates her co-ords with unconventional pieces, as seen in her airport style. This is a perfect example of Katrina's ability to adapt her style to the occasion.

Sonakshi Sinha: The Cool Girl Next Door

Sonakshi Sinha proves that comfort and style can go hand-in-hand when it comes to co-ord sets. If the glamorous looks we discussed earlier aren't your vibe, then take note of Sonakshi's effortless approach.



She keeps things cool and casual in this outfit of hers, where she opts for leopard tie-dye cargo pants, a bralette & shirt with flecks of rich Mediterranean blue. 

This set is all about laid-back comfort with a touch of personality, while the vibrant colour scheme adds a playful touch, making it a perfect outfit for a casual outing.

Take a look at these Bollywood celebs for your perfect co-ord sets look

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 Who has the best style in Bollywood female?

The title of having the best style in Bollywood female is subjective and varies according to personal preferences. However, actresses like Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, and Kareena Kapoor Khan are often praised for their impeccable fashion sense and ability to effortlessly pull off any outfit.

Who is the fashionable Indian actress?

There are several fashionable Indian actresses, but some who stand out include Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Kangana Ranaut. These actresses are known for their bold fashion choices and trendsetting style.

Who is the queen of fashion in Bollywood?

Sonam Kapoor is often hailed as the queen of fashion in Bollywood. Known for her daring fashion choices and avant-garde style, Sonam has cemented her status as a fashion icon in the industry.

Who has beautiful hair in Bollywood?

Many Bollywood actresses are admired for their beautiful hair, but some notable names include Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Katrina Kaif. These actresses are known for their luscious locks and often set hair trends in the industry.

Who is the most stylish celebrity in India?

Bollywood boasts a plethora of stylish celebrities, but among the most admired for their fashion-forward choices are actors like Ranveer Singh and actresses like Sonam Kapoor. Their bold and eclectic fashion sense consistently garners attention and praise.

Which actress has the best dressing sense?

Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Kangana Ranaut are often praised for their impeccable dressing sense. Their ability to choose outfits that complement their personality and enhance their overall look sets them apart in the industry.

Who is the most glamorous actress in India?

India is home to many glamorous actresses, but some who consistently exude glamour both on and off-screen include Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Their impeccable style and confident presence make them icons of glamour in the Indian film industry.