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Stylish Co-ord Sets for Pujo 2023: The Ultimate Fit Check

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Pujo means a fashionable wardrobe, lots of adda sessions with friends, and endless sprees of pandal-hopping. So, naturally, you would like to look your best on all 6 days right? This is why we decided to put together a list of Co-ord sets for Pujo by Affifa!

Continue reading to know how you can make heads turn everywhere this Pujo!

6 looks for 6 days 

1. Bottle Green Long Jacket With Pant

What better way to kick off your Pujo in style than with our first outfit in our list of Stylish Co-ord sets for Pujo by Affifa? 

The soothing shades of green will help you showcase an air of understated elegance as you welcome the Goddess home on the occasion of Maha Panchami. 

So whether you’re performing rituals or spending time with your friends, this Pujo season co-ord set by Affifa will help you effortlessly blend tradition with contemporary style. 

2. Ivory Multi Colour Embroidered Co-ord Set

Embrace the vibrant floral hues of this Pujo season co-ord set by Affifa. This outfit will help you express your feminine side and also ensure that you enjoy a memorable night of pandal hopping on Maha Sasthi.

The aesthetic yet commanding shade of ivory will also help you embody the strength of the Goddess, and make everyone’s heads turn.

3. Royal Blue Thread Work Stylish Co-ord Set

Make your Saptami count by adorning this lovely royal blue Pujo season co-ord set by Affifa. 

This outfit is perfect for an evening out on Maha Saptami with friends at a restaurant or a pandal-hopping spree. It will help you stay comfy and look chic throughout the day. 

Keep reading to know more about the other co-ord sets for Pujo by Affifa that you can wear to make your festival worthwhile.

4. Light Pink Handwork Co-ord Set

Channel your playful and soft side, just like one of the forms of the Goddess, by opting for the fourth outfit in our list of Co-ord sets for Pujo by Affifa! 

The Light Pink Handwork Co-ord set will help you make an unforgettable fashion statement as you offer Pushpanjali to the Goddess on the auspicious occasion of Maha Asthami. 

It will also allow you to make quite the impression on any gathering you choose to be a part of that day.

5. Aqua Embroidery Co-ord Set

Show off your fashionably fabulous self with this Pujo season co-ord set by Affifa! The Aqua Embroidery Co-ord set from affifa will ensure that you enjoy a memorable Maha Navami with your friends. 

The bright blue colour will also ensure that you reflect the sky and look effortlessly fabulous. 

6. Black Kashmiri Work Embroidered Co-ord Set 

Though the time may have come to bid the Goddess adieu, you can channel her spirit of Creation by adorning yourself in this black Kashmiri Pujo season co-ord set by Affifa.

The colourful floral prints against the darker shade of the background will also help you highlight your bright and bold side, and embody the strength of your inner spirit. 

Looking Back

So, the above list comprises the 6 best Co-ord sets for Pujo by Affifa that we felt would suit you. However, if you feel like exploring more of our fashion collection to desire for yourself, then you can visit our website for more!